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There is something magical about Xtabi's unique dining experience! The setting is impressive; the Caribbean Sea forms the perfect backdrop to cliff top dining and an ocean serenade. The perfect sunset or a starlit sky is all part of the truly unforgettable canvass to complement your indulgence. We are proud of the restaurant's distinguished reputation as we continue to maintain standards of excellence. Xtabi's delectable fare is a mélange of tastes that is best described as Caribbean fusion cuisine. Our chefs work hard to deliver dishes that are refreshingly plated and meant to provide you with unforgettable dining. Perennial favorites include our renowned Xtabi Lobster Thermidor and Filet Mignon cooked to perfection! Our menu range is however, extensive and encompasses succulent choices in poultry and various meats. Trying to sample everything on the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu is a favorite pastime of many of our guests during their Xtabi sojourn. An impressive Wine List caters to those with the most discerning of tastes featuring vintages from Chile, Italy, France and the US. We are open to serve you between the hours of 7:50am-11:30pm daily.

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Xtabi Restaurant Menu

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